Flagstaff City Council to discuss comprehensive immigration reform on Sept. 24

City of FlagstaffFLAGSTAFF — The Flagstaff City Council will discuss a resolution in support of comprehensive immigration reform at its next work session meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24 at the Flagstaff City Hall, 211 W. Aspen Ave., Flagstaff.

Supporters of the resolution (see resolution below), are urged to attend the meeting and show their support, the Northern Arizona Interfaith Council reported in a media release.

“We need you there. Some may argue that it is not the place of local government to take a stand on national issues. But we believe that when our community is being so negatively impacted by lack of federal action, we have an obligation as a city to make a public statement to our Congressional representatives,” the Interfaith Council reported. “Let’s pack City Hall to show that we are not giving up on fair immigration reform. If you would like to speak in support of the resolution, please contact us so that we can coordinate our comments.”

The Northern Arizona Interfaith Council can be reached by sending an email to naic.iaf@gmail.com or by calling 928-600-2575.

“… In advance of the meeting, please contact City Council members by email or phone to urge them to support the resolution,” the Interfaith Council reported. “They can be reached collectively at council@flagstaffaz.gov. or 928-213-2015.”