CHAC, community honor Korean War veterans

FLAGSTAFF — After a while it was hard to tell who was having more fun, the parade goers standing or seated on the downtown Flagstaff sidewalks or Korean War veteran Timoteo Cordova as he waved a flag or gave the thumbs up from the back of the Jeep as part of the Coconino Hispanic Advisory Council (CHAC) entry in the 2018 Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade.

Seated next to Cordova was another Korean War veteran, Paul Lopez, with both men hearing the shouts of “Thank you for your service,” and watching as parade goers stood up in attention and saluted as they passed by.

CHAC Chair Ruth Eaton, accompanied by CHAC Vice Chair Barbara Mendez, drove the white sports car leading the entry, with Richard Eaton piloting the Jeep as their grandchildren rode in the back carrying signs, “Register Now to Vote.”

Photos by Frank X. Moraga / AmigosNAZ ©2018