CHAC joins with NAU student, community groups to present Día de los Muertos Celebration

11-03-18 NAU Muertos-03

CHAC supporter Richard Eaton helps prepare activities for children at the celebration. Photo by Ruth Eaton.

FLAGSTAFF — A variety of NAU student clubs held their annual Día de los Muertos Celebration on Nov. 3 at Killip Elementary School.

The event was presented by NAU Hermanas, United for Change and sponsored by WF Killip Elementary School, the Coconino Hispanic Advisory Council (CHAC) and Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces.

The celebration, which has outgrown previous venues at the Murdoch Cultural Center and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Cultural Arts Center, was moved to Killip this year.

The annual event, which honors Day of the Dead, included performances by members of Ballet Folklorico de Colores de Flagstaff, an altar / ofrenda presentation by members of Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces, sugar skull decorating, food and a piñata for children.

11-03-18 NAU Dia de los Muertos at Killip-016.jpg

11-03-18 NAU Dia de los Muertos at Killip-06.jpg

CHAC member Barbara Mendez lights candles on her ofrenda.

11-03-18 NAU Dia de los Muertos at Killip-08.jpg

CHAC Chair Ruth Eaton staffs the CHAC table.

Photos above by Frank X. Moraga / AmigosNAZ ©2018

Photos below  by Ruth Eaton.

11-03-18 NAU Muertos-09.png

CHAC and Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces member Frank X. Moraga gets ready for the evening’s events.


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